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Testfabrics #615,ISO 105 F06 Silk Adjacent FabricBACK

Testing Standards:

ISO 105 F06


Colorfastness to perspiration.

Product Information :

Brand: Testfabrics
Testfabrics #615,ISO105 F06 Silk Adjacent Fabric, pack of 1 meter.
For use in ISO 105 F06 Test Method,colorfastness to perspiration as single-faber adjacent fabric,there are two fabrics,size (40±2)mm x (100±2)mm, one is made of the same material as specimen, the other is specified. For example, the specimen is mix-blending, one is made of the main fiber ,the other is the minor fiber.
The first adjacent fabric The second adjacent fabric
Cotton Wool
Wool Cotton
Silk Cotton
Viscose Wool
Polyamide Wool or Viscose
Polyester Wool or Cotton
Acrylic Wool or Cotton