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Professional, reliable VTEC testing services

Professional and reliable VTEC testing service Established in 1981, VTEC Laboratories has held the reputation as one of the leading international commercial and testing company with a large range of testing abilities, listing and followed-up inspection services. With head office in New York City, VTEC has conducted many departments in many countries. The services include flammability, chemical testing, physical testing, bio-pharmaceuticals with Military, Construction, Research, etc.

In addition, VTEC provides flammability test standards establishment, test instrument development, testing environment designing and building. VTEC makes long-term contracts with governments, Navy, Coast Guard and other departments.

As the general agent of China, Standard Groups is responsible for VTEC’s business in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Area.

Service: Testing, Engineering, Maintenance and Research of instruments

Special License: Agent of Flammability instruments and Fire Fighting test instruments.