Laboratory Designning

Laboratory designning is a set of air conditioning hvac, building engineering, civil engineering, electronic technology application, mechanical engineering, cost analysis and so on for the integration of multi-disciplinary professional composition; laboratory design should follow the standard principles of safety, environmental protection, humanized principle, efficiency principle, benefit principle and can meet the demand of different scientific research experiment and testing.

With many years of professional experience and the professional team, Standard group has helped many customers design and establish their laboratories, meanwhile, we exchange the latest testing technology and ideas with specialists in different fields to seek the most appropriate construction scheme of customer requirement.

As earlier engaged in laboratory planning , Standard group is a modern laboratory equipment company of the planning and designning, equipment installation and after-sales service brought together; adhering to the service concept to provide the international first-class design, whether it be a building, expanding or rebuilding projects, we not only offer you reasonable equipment for purchasing on selection, more is to comprehensively consider the overall planning of the lab, rational layout and graphic design, as well as infrastructure and related conditions of power supply, water supply, gas supply, ventilation, air purification, security, environmental protection and so forth. Standard group has a professional technical support, can provide detailed design specifications, material technical requirements, engineering item budget and deepening design,etc., can fully meet the construction requirement of the modern standard laboratory.

Despite the qualified hardware design, a good testing laboratory still need to have good software conditions. Through the subsequent training, qualification accreditation and standardization operation, standard group efforts to provide better support and service to customers. By combining with relevant international standards and testing knowledge, Our training engineers will systematically demonstrate instruments operating method and test procedure for you, including the equipment's operating principle, working process, operating method, and precautions in use,etc., what’s more, later in the operation process, we will also provide permanent technical support and consulting services.

Standard group always insist the concept of health, safety, environmentally friendly, designning reasonable laboratory design, provide clients with professional services depending on the professional design and decoration team and excellent technology, regardless of the past ,the present or the future, standard group will continue to pursue the excellenct spirit to win the trust of our customers.

Case: Zhejiang Yi Ai Fu co., LTD testing laboratory