Repair&Amend Services

Standard group provides complete maintenance and recalibration options to achieves sustainable performance warranty and guarantee the quality of your business requirements. In the use of instruments, it may indeed happen to malfunction, wear of the system , and so forth. Either way, Standard group will provide you with comprehensive service and repair options.You can choose to contact our customers and after-sales personnel at any time, to get a comprehensive understanding of the scope of our service and the price of our products.

Calibration services

Laboratory testing equipment belongs to precision instruments. Even if the system maintains well, the wear of mechanical parts and drift of electronic components will affect the accuracy of measurement, and may lead to the value exceed the prescribed precision requirements.

Standard group suggect that, in the case of having achieved the mojority of the quality assurance system requirements, the system components should be recalibrated periodically to ensure that the system meet the prescribed measurement accuracy. And compared to the investment of measurement system, personnel, and operating procedures, recalibration just need lower additional cost and can prevent price higher and more serious problems in the future. Standard group has a professional calibration laboratory which has equipped with professional calibration equipments, thus we provide users with comprehensive measurement solutions following the scientific rigorous principle, and can compensate on some of the instruments.

Maintenance Services

Our professional maintenance personnel can provide fast maintenance services, and the nonconforming product components and modules are filtered qualified products. Maintenance cost includes the cost of instruments calibration to ensure the equipment within the scope of the indicators. If having any spare parts inventories, we could also provide maintenance services for the retired equipments.

We provide you with flexible maintenance services, can arrange with home maintenance according to customer requirements, or returns to the factory repair and Back again after completion of maintenance. Otherwise,if your equipment is out of guarantee period, we could still provide you with the best service options.

Services procedure:

1. Call our customer service or after-sales personnel;

2. Describe instrument malfunction or service requirements in detail, if necessary, please attach instrutions that will help to the repair work of the maintenance engineer;

3. Packing attention: in the process of returning to the factory repair, please especially pay attention to the packing quality. Package the instrument well in long-distance transportation and pad antivibration materials with foam as far as possible to avoid unnecessary loss.