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ZwickiLine Materials testing machines




  zwickiLine is a powerful, flexible and cost-efficient testing solution for a wide range of materials and components. This testing machine is equally ideal for research and development and for routine quality assurance testing. Development and manufacture of zwickiLine, including all mechanical, electronic and software components, together with the comprehensive range of accessories, takes place at Zwick's production facility in Germany, enabling optimum matching of all items.

Product Information:

  Technical overview
  l Depending on type, zwickiLine is available with test speeds from 0.001 to 3000 mm/min. Testing-machine speed is independent of test load, while position, force or strain control can be selected as required.
  l The high test-speed range can be used without restriction. In addition, test loads up to 110% of machine nominal load are permissible to compensate for heavy combinations of test fixtures, accessories etc.
  l zwickiLine is available for test loads from 500 N to 5 kN and with test-area heights from 789 mm to 1589 mm.
  l zwickiLine can be operated with standard commercial PCs or laptops and requires no special expansion cards.
  l Low weight, a small footprint and space-saving design allow this modular system to fit easily on to any laboratory table.
  Product Information


Model Z0.5 Z1.0 Z2.5 Z5.0
Maximun Force(kN) 0.5 1.0 2.5 5.0
Test Space Height
Short Mount(mm) 570 570 570 -
Standard Mount(mm) 1070 1070 1070 1030
Heightening Type Mount(mm) 1730 1373 1373 -
Test Space Width(mm)
Test Space Depth 100 100 100 100
Movable Beam
Maximun Speed(mm/min) 2000/3000 2000 1000 600
Movable Beam Resolution(μm) 0.2453 0.2265 0.0996 0.0399
Power(kVA) 0.44 0.44 0.44 0.44

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