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UV Aging Test Chamber common to 3 points of failure cause analysis



UV Aging Test Chamber is an important equipment for the quality of plastic products. It can simulate outdoor UV light and condensation environment, in daily life of each pipe, air conditioning cover, plastic products in the factory before the need to go through the UV Aging Test Chamber for bad products screening. In the process of daily use, you may find such questions, such as: UV lamps do not light is why? The lamp will be black? And so on. Today I would like to explain around these issues for you one by one.
Problem 1. UV lamps do not light up or flicker.
UV lamps in use, sometimes the lamp does not light up, sometimes the light or flicker. This is because the UV Aging Test Chamber is generally used are electronic ballasts, electronic ballasts are wired for the jack type. So some times because of the details of the production process is not very good, it is easy to lead to the lamp corner line in the connection with the electronic ballast there is a hidden danger of insecurity, in the future use of the process will appear gap off line, poor contact and other problems. Or because the lamp voltage is too high and the transformer does not match, please measure the lamp power and related parameters.
UV Aging Test Chamber
Problem 2. The UV lamp is black at both ends.
This is because the head of the UV lamp is tungsten, its melting point is 3410℃, when we light the lamp, the temperature is between 2000 and 3000℃, the filament will not melt, sublimation will occur, then the sublimated tungsten vapor meets the wall of the tube and condenses into solid tungsten, making it black, and the filament of the UV lamp is at the two ends of the lamp, so the two ends will become black. When the UV lamp starts to turn black, it needs to be replaced. So in order to extend the life of the lamp, please do not start and shut down the lamp frequently. According to the standard, the lamp should not be turned off for less than 3 hours since the lamp is lit.
Problem 3. UV lamps are not bright enough.
1) UV lamp aging, the need to replace the UV lamp;
2) UV lamp power density is small, need to replace the high-power UV lamp;
3) UV coating photoinitiator is not enough, change UV coating;
4) short curing time or low ambient temperature, lengthen the curing time;
5) lamp and object distance is too far, improve the ambient temperature to adjust the distance.
UV Aging Test Chamber
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