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Zip Compression Lab Test: How much does the number of reciprocations affect a zi



Read the results of the latest reciprocating abrasion test! In this test, we have conducted a comprehensive comparison of the most popular zip brands on the market and selected the best performers.
Through rigorous testing and analysis, we have found that zips with high reciprocal abrasion resistance not only offer excellent performance, but also better durability and reliability in long-term use.
Based on the test results, we recommend the following zips:
YKK zips: As the world's leading zip manufacturer, YKK's zip products have undergone multiple rounds of testing and optimisation and excel in terms of durability.
Zipper Reciprocating Tester
SBS zips: As a well-known zip brand in China, SBS's zip products are quite advantageous in terms of cost performance and also have a very high wear resistance.
IDEAL zips: As a well-known American zip brand, IDEAL's zips are outstanding in terms of innovative design, as well as good durability and wear resistance.
The impact of the number of reciprocations on zips in zip compression laboratory tests is manifested in the following two main areas:
1. zip durability: the higher the number of repetitions, the lower the durability of the zip. This is because each pull produces a certain amount of wear and friction on the zip's gears, sliders and chain components, which gradually increases as the number of uses increases, thus reducing the durability of the zip.
2. Stability of zip performance: The more the number of reciprocations, the less stable the performance of the zip. This is because prolonged use will gradually increase the gap between the chain and gear of the zip, thus affecting the closure and water resistance of the zip, causing it to snag and become unstable during use.
Whichever type of zip you need to purchase, we recommend that you choose the product that performs best in terms of durability and reliability, which can be tested using the Zipper Reciprocating Tester. To ensure the performance and durability of your zips, you should avoid pulling them back and forth as many times as possible in practice to minimise wear and friction and prolong the life of your zips.

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