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Ozone Aging Test Chamber / OMS-LN Ozone Weather Meter



JIS K6295-2004


This instrument performs accelerated ozone degradation testing for organic materials(such as rubber) used in automobiles and electronic materials.

Product Information:

Its fully closed system allows for true ozone concentration tests. True ozone control made possible with pursuit of accuracy. Applicable to new standard of JIS K6295-2004.

Model no. OMS-HN OMS-LN
Ozone concentration range 20-250pphm(200-2500ppb)/1-200ppm 20-250pphm(200-2500ppb)
Internal dimension of chamber Width 50cm,depth 50cm,height 50cm(volume: 0.125m3
Temperature range (Ambient temperature +10℃) to 60±1℃
Dynamic test
(vertical tension test)
(Specimen dimension&number) (25mmW×120mmD×3mmH),12 pieces(or 24 as an option)
(Frequency) 0.5Hz
(Specimen rotation) 2rpm
Static test (Specimen rotation) 2rpm (extending holder) FW-H,16 pieces
External dimension of the instrument Approx. width 140cm, depth 77cm, height 191cm
(weight 430kg)
Approx. width 140cm, depth 77cm, height 191cm
(weight 390kg)

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