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What's color contrasting light box? The use of color contrasting light box?



Color Assessment Light Box
Color Assessment Cabinet or ColorController Light Box, all known as the standard light source light source supplier color match light box.
QINSUN Color Assessment Light Box is a kind of color testing equipment used for visual assessment of color fastness of materials in textile, printing and dyeing industries, color matching and sampling, identification of color difference and fluorescent substances, etc. There are four light sources for color assessment light box, six light sources for color assessment light box and eight light sources for color assessment light box and so on.
The role of colorimetric light box
Colorimetric light box can make the sample, production, quality inspection, acceptance in the same standard light source, accurate proofreading of the color deviation of the goods, can be used for textile, printing and dyeing and other industries, the color fastness of the material of the visual assessment, color proofing, identification of color difference and fluorescent substances, etc., to ensure that the color quality of the goods in line with the requirements, thereby improving product quality and market competitiveness.
color contrasting light box
Colorimetric light box is usually a combination of multiple light sources, such as the ability to provide simulated daylight D65, D75, D50, simulated store showroom lights TL84, CWF, U30, and home lights F, INCA, horizontal daylight HORIZON, ultraviolet lamps UV and so on. These light sources must be recognized by large international institutions, such as Wal-Mart, Marks & Spencer recognized store lights, international testing organizations recognized daylight, the customer specified a variety of special requirements of the light and so on.
Colorimetric light box scope of application
Standard light source colorimetric light box is widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, plastic, paint, ink, printing, pigment, spraying, chemical, ceramics, shoes, leather, hardware, zipper, chemical, furniture, electrical appliances, packaging, cosmetics and other industries in the field of color management for accurate proofreading of the color deviation of the goods.
Colorimetric light box performance characteristics
1. Seven-color artificial daylight recognized by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE), with a color temperature of 6500K.
2. The illumination of the light source range of 750 to 3200 luxes (Luxes).
3. The background color of the light source for the light-absorbing type in gray (Neutral Grey).
4. With the function of testing the effect of the same color isotope, a variety of light sources between the use of microcomputer-controlled rapid switching between the moment in order to accurately compare the goods in different light sources under the color difference.
5. Accurately record the use time of each group of lamps, especially the D65 standard lamps.
6. Provide ultraviolet light source Ultra-Violet (UV) for detecting goods with fluorescent and whitening dyes, which can also be used to supplement the UV light in the D65 light source.
7. Provide store light source, foreign customers require the use of other light sources for color contrast, such as Cool White Fluorescent (CWF) often required by U.S. customers, European and Japanese customers require Triphosphor Lamp P15 (TL84). This is because the goods retail is placed in the indoor shelves for customers to select, customers in the decision to buy the goods is carried out in the store lights, rather than in the outdoor sunlight, so the use of store lights for color contrast is increasingly common.
The use and maintenance of color contrasting light box
1. The selection of various light sources in the colorimetric light box is controlled by the touch keys corresponding to the name of the light source on the box to achieve fast switching and fast lighting will need to compare the color deviation of the two items placed in the central symmetrical position of the colorimetric light box, as long as the human eye or the angle between the light and the item to be measured at 45 degrees, are the best observation angle.
2. When using the light box, should try to avoid external light irradiation to the detected items, while the light box can not be placed in other debris.
3. Colorimetric light box lamp in the use of more than 2000 hours, we must replace the new lamp to avoid the aging of the lamp and affect the visual observation of the effect of color.
4. If the inner wall plate of the light box is stained, you can use a clean soft cloth dipped in alkaline low-concentration cleaner wipe clean, so that the inner frame is clean and dry, to avoid the detection of items to damage the light absorption coating on the inner wall of the light box, affecting the effect of the color.
5. If the inner plate of the light box is damaged, it can't play the role of light absorption, it should be replaced again. Lamps used overtime and caused by the blackened ends of the aging should be replaced with new lamps.

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