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LB-3315 Single Person Infectious Disease Portable Test Sampling Booth



In order to better protect the safety of sampling personnel and provide a comfortable working environment, our company has designed a portable nucleic acid sampling isolation box (Infectious Disease Portable Test Sampling Booth), which can provide a safe sampling space for testing personnel.
1, Infectious Disease Portable Test Sampling Booth performance characteristics
1) UV lighting sterilization, can be timed to achieve automatic disinfection of people walking.
2) Equipped with primary filtration device and anti-virus high-efficiency air filtration system, the 0.3μm particle size filter efficiency ≧ 99.995%.
3) Universal casters with brakes, easy to move and dock.
4) positive pressure design of the cavity, blocking the inflow of external germs into the interior.
5) internal air supply volume ≧ 900m³ / h.
6) Constant temperature control of the cavity, with hot and cold dual system air conditioning.
7) Voice intercom function, external audio microphone.
8) Dedicated power distribution box, simple operation, safe to use.
Single Person Infectious Disease Portable Test Sampling Booth
2、Infectious Disease Portable Test Sampling Booth parameters
Enclosure size (external) 1150mm*1550mm*2200mm
Enclosure size (internal) 1050mm*1000mm*2000mm
Enclosure material stainless steel insulation board, aluminum alloy profile
Observation window material acrylic (plexiglass)
Sterilization system UV UV lamp sterilization sterilization time: 30 minutes to 60 minutes is appropriate
Air supply system FLJ industrial frequency centrifugal blower
Filter element primary filtration: dust sponge pad senior filtration: H14 filter
Monitoring internal air pressure display (positive pressure 0-30PA), internal temperature display
Insulation system with internal heat insulation cotton and heat insulation board
Intercom system two-way window intercom system
Lighting system LED lighting
Air conditioning system split air conditioning (1 hp)
1. Avoid direct sunlight and rain when using the Infectious Disease Portable Test Sampling Booth to prevent the normal operation of the instrument from being affected.
2. The normal ambient temperature of the instrument is -5~30℃, too high or too low temperature will affect the normal use of the instrument.
3. After use, please turn the gloves to the inside of the bin to help extend the service life of the gloves.
4. Medical gloves are designed to last for 1 month in outdoor environment, the specific time may vary according to the frequency of glove use and working environment.
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