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The electronic Fabric Tensile Tester operation function introduction



Fabric range is very wide, how to test the fabric of various standards, which requires special for the fabric material testing instruments, commonly used test test is: fabric tensile strength test, fabric elongation at break test, fabric top breaking strength test. No matter which test, you can use the electronic Fabric Tensile Tester to test, as long as the supporting different tensile machine test fixture can test a variety of test standards.
Electronic Fabric Tensile Tester has many types of models, the following is the electronic Fabric Tensile Tester operation.

Multi-functional electronic Fabric Tensile Tester can be used with different fixture auxiliary tools to achieve different functions, mainly for a variety of textile fracture tensile, tearing, peeling, bullet top breaking, fixed elongation, fixed load repeated stretching, stitch slip, seam strength, single yarn strength, grab sample strength, compression function, combined strength, shoe heel combined strength and other mechanical properties testing, and wide construction building materials It can test the force, elongation and deformation of tensile, peeling, tearing, top-breaking, bending, bonding and creep tests of building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber, plastic, home appliances and geotechnical materials. It is the ideal testing equipment for scientific research institutes, universities and colleges, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commercial arbitration and other departments.
Test operation function
1、Parameter setting, specimen number, range, speed, standard, batch, temperature, humidity and other parameters can be set by themselves, and stored in the test report.
2、The test process can be dynamic real-time display curve, according to user needs to select the strong ~ elongation, strong ~ elongation, strong ~ time, elongation ~ time and other curves.
3、Curve traversal function point by point: you can click on the strong force and elongation value on the curve by mouse to get various parameters of each point.
4、Result comparison function: Multiple test curves can be observed at the same time, and multiple curves can be superimposed and locally enlarged to realize the comparison of the characteristics of the sample to be analyzed.
5、The test data report can be converted into an EXCEL file and kept in the computer.
6、Test curves can also be saved to the computer for record inquiries.
7、A variety of test units can be converted, such as N, cN, Kgf, Lbf, In, etc.
Fabric Tensile Tester
Maintenance of the product and precautions
1、The instrument is debugged, tested and maintained by professional personnel.
2、Ensure that the instrument is reliably grounded, and do not share a power supply with equipment that is prone to electromagnetic interference.
3、Please protect the sensor when handling and operating, and do not exceed the maximum range limit of the sensor when testing.
4、The instrument should be used within the range of power supply voltage AC220V±10%, otherwise the instrument may be damaged.
5、The transmission screw should be lubricated 1~2 times a year.
6、When the data report storage shall U disk export document printing.
If you want to know about the working principle of Fabric Tensile Tester or price information, please send us a message.

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