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RCA paper tape friction tester detailed introductions



The American Norman ToolRCA paper tape friction tester is suitable for the wear resistance test of the plastic surface coating of the mobile phone P.D.A notebook computer and various surface coating products. After rolling the unoiled paper or tape and rubbing the sample with a certain number of revolutions Determine the effect of wear. Among them, it is mostly used in mobile phone key printing, mobile phone shell, MP3, CD player, laptop computer, PDA, electrical shell and other products.
Detailed introduction of ToolRCA paper tape friction tester
Standard: ASTM F2357-04
taber tester
Combined with the Taber abrasion machine and the DIN standard brush resistance tester, the surface friction resistance of the coating can be accurately evaluated, and it has become the most widely used instrument for the surface abrasion resistance test of various plastic coating products.
Product principle:
This testing machine uses a special paper tape as a friction medium, and acts on the friction head with a fixed load. The friction head continuously exerts force on the surface of the sample through a fixed diameter roller and a paper tape driven by a fixed speed motor until the surface layer is seen. The substrate or reaches a certain degree of wear, and the anti-wear properties of the sample are evaluated by the number of motor revolutions displayed by the counter.

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