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How Does a Zipper Test Work?



A zipper test is a quality control process used to determine the strength and durability of a zipper. It involves attaching the zipper to a testing machine that pulls the zipper open and closed repeatedly, simulating the wear and tear it would undergo during normal use.
zipper test
To conduct a zipper test, a machine is typically used that can quickly and automatically open and close the zipper. The machine will apply a specific amount of force to the zipper pull in order to simulate the force that would be exerted by a person pulling on the zipper. The test may be run for a set number of cycles, such as 10,000, to simulate long-term use.
During the test, the zipper is pulled up and down repeatedly while applying force to the slider and the teeth. The force applied to the zipper is gradually increased to simulate the pressure that can be exerted on the zipper when it is used to fasten a garment or bag.
The zipper is inspected after the test to ensure that it still operates smoothly and that the teeth are not damaged. If the zipper passes the test, it is considered to be of good quality and suitable for use in clothing or other products. If the zipper fails the test, it is rejected and not used in the final product.
zipper tester
Overall, the goal of a zipper test is to ensure that zippers will work reliably for their intended lifespan and provide users with a high-quality and durable product.
Zipper testing is usually done using a Zipper tester or known as a universal tester, which is a device used to test the physical properties of materials. In zipper testing, the tensile tester measures properties such as breaking strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of the zipper. In addition, other equipment can also be used for zipper testing, such as electronic tensiometers, coefficient of friction testers, etc. The exact choice of equipment depends on the desired test parameters and the purpose of the test.

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