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Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester for Textiles Roles



The horizontal vertical flame tester for textiles is made of industrial stainless steel with smoke resistant dimensions of (329±2)mm*(329±2)mm*(767±2)mm. The front of the chamber is equipped with a tempered glass observation door that is resistant to smoke erosion. There are 16 uniformly arranged ventilation holes of 12.5mm inner diameter on the top of the box. Box top with a bracket can be hung specimen clip, specimen clip side by specimen clip fixed device, so that the specimen and the front door perpendicular and located in the center of the test box, the bottom of the specimen clip is located in the highest point of the igniter tube above 17mm. box bottom paved with heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials made of plate, the length and width of the bottom of the box is smaller than 25mm, thickness of about 3mm. another in the center of the box put a plate or screen can withstand molten drops or other debris, its The minimum size is 152mm * 152mm * 1.5mm.
The burning of textiles may produce smoke and toxic gases that affect the health of the operator, and the tester should wear a gas mask. The tester can be installed in a fume hood and the smoke and soot should be removed after each test, but the ventilation system should be turned off during the burning of the specimen to avoid affecting the test results.
horizontal vertical flame tester
KS-5455D Textile Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester adopts the one-piece structure and the principle of large box over small box, the combustion box is placed in the fume hood made of baked cold plate, the left panel of the cold plate fume hood has instrument timer, ignition button, lighting, exhaust and other functional buttons. The upper part of the fume hood is installed with the exhaust air and smoke vent connected with the interior of the combustion chamber, and the interior is installed with a soot cleaning device, and the soot handling device is composed of dust removal plate and grip. With such a mechanism, the soot cleaning device can effectively remove the soot from the combustion chamber, which helps the user to better observe the combustion process and reduce the impact of soot on the combustion process. The combustion chamber is equipped with a torch at the inner bottom, a slender rod-shaped clamping device at the top, and a combustion hood with sliding grooves on the surface.
The role of the textile Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester is to hold the specimen on the stainless steel specimen clamp, placed on top of the burner, the burner produces a flame to meet the specified height to ignite the specimen, after the specified ignition time, the measurement of the specimen's continued combustion, negative combustion time and burn loss length and other parameters.
The textile Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester can test the sample under different test conditions A: calculate the average value of the duration of ignition, negative ignition time and damage length of 5 specimens in the longitudinal and dimensional directions respectively, the results are accurate to 0.1s and 1mm; B: calculate the average value of the duration of ignition, negative ignition time and damage length of 5 specimens, the results are accurate to 0.1s and 1mm s and 1mm
Main functional parameters
Specimen clamp: consists of two U-shaped stainless steel plates with thickness of 2.0mm, length of 422mm and width of 89mm, and its frame size is 356mm*51mm
textile fabric
Igniter: The inner diameter of the orifice is 11mm, the head of the tube is at an angle of 25° from the vertical line, and the gas pressure at the inlet of the igniter is 17.2kPa±1.7kPa. The ignition time can be controlled to be accurate to 0.05s.
Gas: The gas is selected according to the test conditions, industrial propane or butane or propane/butane mixture is selected for condition A; methane of not less than 97% purity is selected for condition B.
Weights: Each weight is attached to a hook made of steel or stainless steel wire with a diameter of 1.1 mm and a length of approximately 76 mm, bent at the end by 13 mm at an angle of 45 degrees.
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