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Ozone Aging Test Chamber concentration test method



Ozone Aging Test Chamber is climatic testing equipment. This Test Chamber is used for determining the crack resistance of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubbers subjected to dynamic or static tensile strength exposed at an artificial constant temperature to an atmosphere containing a given concentration of ozone according to relevant specifications.

4 types of Ozone Aging Test Chamber concentration test methods:

1, electrochemical method: the use of ozone in water in the electro-activated surface of the point of chemical reduction, point of the current change curve in the circuit is proportional to the concentration of ozone in solution, this instrument has a data output function, can be measured online and can achieve closed-loop feedback control of the ozone generator, currently used in large-scale water treatment projects.
Ozone Aging Test Chamber
2, iodine measurement method: the classic measurement method in the past, the ozone concentration is calculated by the number of sodium thiosulfate consumed by using the ozonation gas to make the iodine oil in the potassium iodide solution out of the color, and then titrating the reduction to colorless with sodium thiosulfate. This method of color development intuitive, inexpensive equipment, but to use a variety of drugs, wash bottles, measuring cylinders, scales, burettes and other chemical test equipment, the use of inconvenient, and vulnerable to other oxidants (such as NO/CL, etc.) interference, this method is still the scale of measurement methods in China.
3, colorimetric hair: the same chemical method as the iodine method, is the use of ozone on the reaction of chemical reagents to determine the ozone concentration of color or decolorization phenomenon, it can be used potassium iodide, o-toluidine or indigo dye and other chemical substances, can be directly observed with the naked eye and standard color tube or colorimetric disc comparison, but also available spectrophotometer detection, but the test drugs are disposable consumables.
4, ultraviolet absorption method: the use of ozone on the wavelength = 254nm ultraviolet light, the amount of absorption value, so that ultraviolet light in the ozone atmosphere attenuation, and then by photoelectric components, electronic circuit (comparison circuit, data processing, digital-to-analog conversion) to get the data output, this method is accurate, continuous online measurement, but the instrument is more expensive, generally used as a testing unit and production, research units.
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