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11 things to keep in mind during Aging Test Chamber operation



The refrigeration cycle of theAging Test Chamber consists of two isothermal processes and two adiabatic processes. The process is: the refrigerant is compressed adiabatically by the compressor to a higher pressure, thus consuming work to raise the discharge temperature, and then the refrigerant passes through the condenser for isothermal heat exchange with the surrounding medium to transfer heat to the surrounding medium. After that, the refrigerant expands adiabatically through the shut-off valve to do work, and then the refrigerant temperature decreases.
1、During the operation, please do not open the box door unless absolutely necessary, otherwise it may lead to the following bad consequences.
l High-temperature moisture and low-temperature air rushing out of the box, which is very dangerous;
l outside the box door still maintain high temperature, easy to cause burns;
l high-temperature air may trigger the fire alarm, resulting in false action;
2, please pay attention to the machine reliable safety grounding, so as not to produce electrostatic induction.
3、Avoid opening and closing the equipment continuously within 3 minutes.
4、The circuit breaker and over-temperature protector provide safety protection for this machine test products as well as the operator, so please check regularly.
5、It is absolutely prohibited to test explosive, combustible and highly corrosive substances.
6、Please follow the following methods of power distribution, pay attention to the power capacity, do not use a power supply for more than one machine at the same time, so as not to produce pressure drop, affecting the performance of the machine, or even cause a breakdown, please use a special circuit.
7、Power supply power: about 10KW AC380V 50HZ.
8, power supply voltage changes, please do not exceed ± 5% of the voltage. (The maximum voltage allowed is ±10%)
9、This equipment is a three-phase power supply, with phase sequence protection device. (If it is determined that the three-phase power supply has power and the machine has no power, the power supply may be reversed phase, simply exchange the two adjacent power lines with each other)
10、The grounding wire of this equipment must be properly constructed in accordance with the technical guidelines for electrical equipment. Please do not connect the grounding wire to the oil or gas pipe.
11, test samples with the power supply, please do not connect with the power supply of this machine, because this machine has been planned and designed, and then add other loads, may lead to overload. Or leakage during the test process leads to equipment downtime.
Aging Test Chamber operation of the correct use and operating environment, can provide accurate basis for testing personnel, the correct placement of specimens. Specimens should be placed more than 10 cm from the chamber wall. For multiple samples, they should be placed on the same plane whenever possible. Sample placement should not block the air outlet and return air outlet, and should be left at a certain distance.

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