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The main material of ozone aging test chamber



The ozone aging test chamber is divided into two types: dynamic and static tests
1. The speed-regulating motor drives the sample holder device (to meet the static tensile test, and the running track of the test piece meets the principle of cycloid track).
2. Digital display automatic online measurement.
3. Double beam "QUA" non-dispersive ultraviolet ozone detector.
4. There is a metrological verification calibration interface.
5. Automatic digital display controller for ozone concentration.
6. The set value of ozone concentration/temperature and humidity is controlled by PID self-tuning, which is convenient and reliable to operate.
Main materials of ozone aging test chamber equipment
1. Beer-Lambert principle measurement application software (recognized).
2. The ozone-containing airflow is parallel to the sample.
3. Gas flow meter to control the gas flow at all levels. Equipped with "QUA" non-dispersive UV ozone detector (the most reliable and popular method for ozone detection).
4. The outer cold plate is sprayed with plastic / the inner tank is made of stainless steel.
5. Equipped with gas purifier, constant temperature tank, activated carbon absorption and silica gel drying tower.
6. AI digital display intelligent program-controlled regulator.
7. Optional remote monitoring software (PC can be used to print test data).
8. There is an interface for classical chemical testing of ozone concentration.
9. A regulated power supply is set inside the test box.

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