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The principle of salt spray corrosion in salt spray test chambers



Salt spray test chamber is a kind of corrosion resistance test equipment used to simulate the corrosion resistance of metal materials, electronic components, etc. under the harsh environment of salt spray and humidity in marine and industrial environment. The principle of salt spray corrosion is as follows:
Standard Salt Spray Test Machine
The salt spray tester mixes water and salt into a brine liquid, which is sprayed onto the surface of the tested object through a sprayer to form a layer of salt spray environment. In the salt spray environment, the oxidation potential of the metal surface drops, leading to oxidation reactions on the metal surface and the formation of metal ions and oxides. At the same time, the chloride ions in the brine react with the oxides on the metal surface to form more stable metal chlorides, further aggravating the corrosion of the metal surface. In addition, in high temperature and high humidity environments, the brine liquid will also promote the corrosion of the metal surface.
Therefore, the salt spray test chamber salt spray corrosion is through the simulation of marine, industrial environment in the salt spray, moisture and other harsh environments, the formation of strong redox reactions and chemical reactions, so that the metal surface corrosion process. This corrosion process is of great significance to the corrosion performance testing of metal materials and electronic components.

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